France: Video of Moslems Sexually Harassing Chinese Toddler Banned From Twitter by French Cops

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Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2019

Someone posted a video of Arab men sexually harassing a Chinese toddler, who appears to be 3 or 4 years old.

The girl is cornered by the men in what looks like an alley, and one of them says “you want my dick in your pussy?”

When the girl starts crying, he says “it’s fine, I’m gonna fuck you, stop crying. On the Koran, I’m gonna fuck you. Wallah I’m gonna fuck you, stop crying.”

The men are both touching her.

This is pretty standard fare for diverse and vibrant France.

Also standard fare in that magnificently enriched kingdom: the French police demanding the video be taken down and threatening anyone who reuploads it.

After the initial video was posted, the French police tweeted: “Please do not stream this video,” and told people to contact the police if they see any illegal content on the internet.

Obviously, the only reason that police would want crimes to remain hidden is that they are trying to cover-up the crime. Even if they hunt down these men and charge them for this action (they won’t), it would still be a cover-up, because they are using police authority to prevent people from knowing that this sort of thing is happening.

But what are they supposed to do?

Certainly, they can’t prevent Arabs from behaving this way. Their only option to try to prevent intensified racial strife is to prevent people from knowing that Arabs are behaving this way. If the job of the police is to “maintain the peace,” then covering up the crimes of nonwhites is the single most important part of their job.


In response to clear evidence of 2 grown men touching and saying to a little 5-year-old girl that they’re going to rape her . . . the French police demand the posting be taken down? No statement directing people to provide information so the men can be arrested?

Democratie Participativ you need to get on this and send it everywhere, and get Marie Le Pen and/or the Gilets Jaunes on it. Despicable, disgusting . . . but not surprising given it’s SAND-NIGGERS.


guys don’t share this video with Chinese news outlets that would hurt French and Chinese relations so just don’t.




Bet this is spreading like wildfire in China. The revolution will be global. Nationalists of the world Unite!


I have a feeling that they have fucked with the wrong people. Chinese are not cucked at all. They are living within our societies totally parallel. They don’t follow our rules they don’t follow (((their))) rules. They only follow there own rules and they lie to everyone else.

(When we solved the JQ Arab Q and Gipsy Q then we will have to work on the Chinese Q. For this reason and also for their color of their skin.)

The Chinese will secretly kill these arabs and cook them into their special soup and sell it to whites in their diverse food shops.


It would be really, really cool if something like what happened a week ago happened again, and then happened every week for the rest of our lives


Meanwhile they are going after the muzzies in Yakutsk Russia after one raped a local. Shutting down their shops. The governor responded by promising to round up illegals. You can find it on RT.


May the actions of these barbarous animals spawn a thousand new saints in the Halls of Valhalla.


I think the Chinese approval rating of the New Zealand Mosque prank just jumped to %100 percent lads.

These fuckin animals need to go.


Make guillotines great and legal again!!


Sometimes I take inventory of my life, and for the most part find it wanting. I’m immensely
proud of my 3 children and 2 grandchildren, but after that, there’s not a lot to speak of.

There’s not a lot of ventures available to us who were born into this time and place. There’s
some little feeling of accomplishment at having achieved some financial success, and I know
that I could have done much much better. Not that I have lots of money, because I don’t.

Men of my age and situation had only sports and barroom brawls to release our aggression,
but there was not much honor there. I feel cheated now, that I realize what could have been.
If you are White and have an account here then it’s highly likely that you have the warrior’s
blood flowing through your veins, and you know what I’m talking about. Would that I was born
1000 years ago into the age of combat and high adventure.


they have probably zero access to this gnus
though it might be spreading in china right now as sometimes the anti-mudslime agenda picks up a bit in chinka

that said, china has a massive mud problem and their measures, against all appearances, are not nearly enough.

just in the time i was there the OFFICIAL demographics went from 96% han down to 90% han. btw han=mousy dung kalergy plan. mix a hundred or so distinct races into one, forcibly, with “great leap forward”, then Dung with his (((economic reform))) and abortion proliferation, i.e. (((one-child-policy))), which was, unironically, ONLY for non-muslim chinks.


I would love to see the Chinese declare jihad on these worthless sandniggers.


just hit play on “Serbia Strong”, GPS few mosques and so on

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I think I’ll come for you first, asshole.
Cat got your tongue? lol


Incoming grammar natzi post. “Standard fair” should be “standard fare” , unless I’m not getting the 4D sarcasm.


What is it about Semites like Arabs and Jews? Such a revolting people.


you dont even make sense, senility got your brain?

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Yes, its in our blood!


God’s (Moloch) chosen peoples.

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